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Colorful Truth

It is a very important book and every child should have it to read and learn how important life and the world is to their future.
Barbara B . . . teacher

The Colorful Truth is a charming story that shows children that they can make a difference!! I will buy one for my class.
Michael P. . . teacher

Great book!!! There was an interesting contrast between the drab grey at the beginning and the colorful conclusion! Children will love the rhyming language!
Martha B . . . teacher

It's refreshing to have friends so dedicated to a good environment and a bright future. We love sunflowers too and plant them each year, thinking of you Claire and your wonderful talents and great spirit. Keep up the good work!
Jane S . . . teacher

People can get happiness with something different like this book.
Ethan . . .age 11

Brilliant! Please send a copy to Michele Obama and Barbara Bush so they can pass the joy along to the children they read to!
Linda S. . . . homemaker

Cute story! Love the story line and concept behind the book. I'm sure kids will really enjoy this book, including my son!
Kristy C . . . dental assistant

WOW! What an amazing message. I enjoyed it very much!
Melissa W. . . mother of two

This is a really good story! I loved it!
Rachel W . . . age 12

What a delightful story. I found it was touching and sweet with a profound message. What talent from a local. It would be great in french as La Verite Coloree . . .
Suzanne G . . . High School French teacher

Oh my God, you never cease to amaze me! Your imagination knows no limits! Your book is wonderful C.C.!! I think of you everytime I see a sunflower! Everything you touch turns to gold!
Debbie B . . . homemaker

I loved it !!! It was so cute. I loved the pictures and the rhymes! Very clever and informational!
Liz R . . . college freshman

This is a great story! It sends a strong positive message! It made me smile with all the rhymes and I could have guessed there would be a sunflower in it! Very Cute!
Alex F . . . student age 15

Very cute, VERY ENVIRONMENTAL- this is what we need- lots of sunflowers! I LOVE IT!
Patti. . . mother, med tech

I LOVE IT! You are so talented! Donna. . . accountant

Great book! As I started reading I was just waiting for the sunflowers to appear. I knew there had to be sunflowers.
Claire . . .teacher

Great book and a very special message to both children and their parents.
Adrienne . . . mother, homemaker

It picked up my day with a good message! Really liked the illustrations too!
Fred B . . . author

Great book and so timely, teaching children early about our fragile environment. Loved the illustrations!
Deb H . . .public service
These are all reviews by people who are waiting for their teeth to be cleaned by the writer!! C.C. Warner