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Sing Along!

Teach Kids, Sing Along!

CC Warner

"The Sunflower Song,"
Written and Performed By: C.C. Warner

I plant a little seed in a paper cup,
The roots grow down and the leaves grow up
I plant a sunflower for my town,
And spread some sunshine all around!

Oh me, Oh my! Sunflowers grow!
Oh me, Oh my! Sunflowers grow!
Taller by the hour, that’s my sunflower!
How does your garden grow?

So plant a little seed in your home town,
Where hopes are up, and nobody’s down
Plant some sunshine and next year,
More sunflowers will appear!



If some clouds should block the sky,
I won’t moan and I won’t cry!
It takes some rain to make things grow, so
Let it rain, but hold the snow!


Sunflowers! Sunny Flowers!
Sunflowers, watch them grow!